4MW – AE Solar – Vietnam

4MW – AE Solar – Vietnam

4MW - AE Solar - Vietnam
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4MW - AE Solar - Vietnam

Partial Pre-shipment Inspection (PPI) from GreenWire of AE Solar panels for a volume of 4MW, of the reference AE450HM6L-72. A strong and efficient solar panel monocrystalline of 450Wc. 

Panels are used in Vietnam on warehouses for the storage of coffee in a plantation in Dong Nai province. Vietnam had a booming PV installation in 2020 thanks to comfortable electricity selling rate, guarantee by the state. GreenWire supervised production and controlled the solar panels quality to ensure our client can get the product on time, even when the manufacturers saw the demand exceeding the offer.

Manufacturer: AE Solar
GreenWire Service:Sourcing + Pre-shipment Partial Inspection report 
Location:  Dong Nai – Vietnam

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