Solar Lights

Discover the efficiency of solar lighting with Greenwire.

We help you design the best sun powered light accordingly to your project and requirements. In help with our engineers and high-end Chinese factory, we custom the product best suited for your need. Each solution comes up with different option to fit your expectations, making your project happen is our priority.

Because each light is designed for a specific use, we introduce you the solar light you can find on the Chinese market:

Solar Road Light

Solar road lights are designed for highway, streets, and roads with medium to high traffic. Because roads need a significant amount of lighting all night long to ensure the driving security, the size of the solar road light are among the biggest. Solar road lights are specially designed to meet those requirements. They are positioned 7 to 11 meters above ground and have a lighting range of 15 to 30 meters. Because of the long lighting duration at high power, it’s important that the light has a large solar panel to charge high-capacity batteries in order to ensure a sufficient amount of lighting all night long.

LED is a key component in lighting. A great LED allows a better render of the energy stored and therefor a saving on battery and panel cost. Usually, the LED power for solar road light are between 20 to 200 watts with a right efficiency of 180 lumens per watt. 

Be careful once comparing the lumens data from different manufacturers: the lumens per watt data can be shown under two different conditions. It can be the lumens straight out of the LED chip, or it can also be the lumens calculated after the cluster lens.  A satisfaying lumens efficiency is between 180 and 200 lumens.

Solar road light have the following characteristics :

All the road light manufacturer advised by Greenwire propose 3 to 5 years warranty to ensure the continuity of your installations. 

Road light projects are often complexes and can be asked by promotor as well as community. They always require a thorough analyze of the specification and Greenwire team is here to ensure that all your requirements are respected at the factory. We also help you to customize some models to fit the needs of your customer.

We recommend you our Solar light PSI (Pre-Shipment Inspection) to ensure all the components ordered are conformed. 

All In One solar light

Simple and durable, All In One solar lights are designed for large lighting area such as streets, parking lots and rural areas. Their design is compact and efficient making them city friendly. These lights are a practical choice for outdoor or remote areas, as they offer a competitive pricing compared to standard solar road lights and allow a lighting without trenching.

Due to their compact design All-In-One possess a smaller solar panel than solar road lights. Therefore, they can only charge a smaller battery and can’t redeem 100% of their maximum lighting power all night long. They usually lower their brightness to 30-50% during off-peak hour to save energy.

All In One solar light are layout with a microwave or infrared motion sensor to adjust their brightness to 100% in case of detection of movement. The sensor is advised for pedestrian area but not for roads with car traffic as vehicles goes too fast for the sensor to adjust the power in time.

All In One solar light are positioned 4 to 8 meters above ground, 8 meters being the maximum detection range for the motion sensor. Their lighting ranges is between 5 and 15 meters depending on the installation height and the LED power. 

Quality All In One solar light should provide the following characteristics:

All In One advised by Greenwire are warranty between 3 to 5 years to ensure the continuity of your installations.  We propose you multiple manufacturers that provide only top of the line materials in conformity with strict ISO standards

Discover how the quality control of the All in One is done at the factory

Solar Post Top and Solar Bollards

Area lights are designed for outdoor space that requires aesthetic lighting solution for pedestrian. They are widely used in parks, parking, pier, and walkway. It is a reliable solution that automatically identifies day and night times. Often, the lights are position 2 to 4 meters above the ground and have a LED power between 3W and 20W.

Design Matters

Area lighting present a wide style of lights that have different size and power. 

  • Solar bollards: from 20cm to 2 meters. Design as ambient lighting and small pedestrian pathways, also used in parks or beachfront.
  • Solar post top: higher in size, from 1 to 4 meters. The solar panel is integrated at the top of the light and is therefore invisible. Post top uses motion sensor to detect human presence and automatically adjust the brightness of the light.
  • Victorian style bollards: very popular in north America, Victorian style solar post top can be found from high end material directly in China and are especially adapted for parc and urban area.

The advantages of the area lights are diverse:

Greenwire advise you multiple manufacturers that provide only top of the line materials in conformity with strict ISO standards. 

Discover how the quality control of the area lights is done at the factory

Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Lights are made of simple and compact design and provide the best ratio cost / lighting efficiency. 

Solar flood light layout allows them to be installed on walls, fences, poles in various outdoor space to flood an area with brightness. They are widely used in parking lot for billboards and flags. Solar flood lights are also used in urban spaces to illuminate buildings, logo, and monuments at night. Often, the light is positioned to illuminate areas that are relatively large.

Flood light solar panel can either be integrated to the light core for a better design or be separated to get a bigger sized solar panel and a higher light power output.

The advantages of Solar Flood Light are numerous :

Greenwire propose your multiple manufacturers that provide only top of the line materials in conformity with strict ISO standards

Discover how the quality control of the flood lights is done at the factory

Solar light Poles

Your solar light deserves the best

Solar light poles need to be chosen in consideration of the corrosion risk, the size and weight of the solar light used, the weather and vibration. It’s especially important for solar lighting to be careful about the pole resistance, as the weight of the battery and the size of the solar panel put poles at higher stress. 

Browse between the different material available in China such as steel and aluminum.

Greenwire advise you and double check the manufacturer data to adapt the pole type regarding the location and type of solar light. In a first place, check the installation height, the weight of the light fixture and the solar panel size. It allows to see which wind resistance is needed and therefor hep to verify the correct pole thickness. 

An installation diagram should be sent to you prior shipment to prepare the foundation before arrival of the poles and earn extra time on your installation schedule.

So which material to choose for the light pole? When importing from China, we advise you two type of poles that are hollow and allow the wiring to run inside the pole.

Steel poles

Steel poles are the most popular solution. Being strong and reliable, they have a high resistance to heavy wind. 

In China, the manufacturer uses steel Q235 standard with 7.85 g/cm3 of density 235MPa of elasticity. 

 Steel poles are hot dip galvanized for an extra coating that protects the steel underneath from further corrosion from dust, air, water, and salty wind. 

 For an additional protection, a high-pressure extra coating can be applied on the galvanized pole. It’s made of protective components and paint of the RAL color of your choice. 

This extra coating provides an excellent salt and humidity resistance. 

Aluminum alloy poles

 Highest end material for lighting poles. The aluminum alloy poles have the specificity to be lightweight and naturally rust proof. They don’t need additional outer treatment due the particularity of aluminum to naturally resist to rust. In contact with water, salt or fire, the aluminum decay into alumina that is invisible to the human eye and provide a thin protection barrier to natural elements. 

 Aluminum alloy poles have a high durability and a wide application range from streetlight application to smaller area lighting application such as bollards. Because they can be more easily crafted, special decorative effect can be applied. 

As their price are higher than steel poles, they are more exported in developed countries with a higher purchase power.

Your solar light manufacturer will provide you with the pole offer as they usually work with partner factory. A solar light manufacturer never manufactures its own poles. The reason is simple, the knowledge and line of work is completely different. Therefore, quality control over poles are seldomly done and discrepancy between the product purchased and the final result can happen. 

Greenwire goes directly at the pole factory to inspect the poles using tools such as thickness gauge and measure meters.

Discover how the quality control of the flood lights is done at the factory

Additional protective equipment for solar streetlights

Afraid of vandalism and theft? Greenwire can work with your favorite manufacturer to propose you tailor made customization to prevent vandalism on your installations. 

Battery protection

 Batteries is the most expensive component of the solar light system. It can be targeted by thieves and therefore should deserve an extra protection. Climbing stainless steels repellent spikes are an efficient and economical solution to prevent theft of your solar light system. It prevents from any potential climber to access to your solar streetlight.


Anti-theft screws can be applied on the casing of the streetlight. The user who wishes to be able to remove these screws must have the corresponding key, which usually has a very different shape or design from conventional keys. Only these specific keys work with the anti-theft screws.

Solar panel protection

 Solar panels are the most fragile components of the solar street light set. The layout of solar road lights have the panels separated from the LED light casing, making them vulnerable. Greenwire can help to design extra protective stainless steel plate to protect against any agression. The stainless steel plate is rust proof and will provide a safe and industrial looking of the streetlight during all its lifespan. We designed the holes in the plate to make sure the solar panel doesn’t overheat and loose in efficiency. A mechanical finition is applied on the inox plate to provide a shiny effect on the lower visible part of the product.

LED protection

 LED chips are positioned on a plate that is covered by a cluster lens. We advise you to get a cluster lens in polycarbonate. Also called hammer glass, that transparent polycarbonate is highly resistant and provide the best protection against outside impacts. 

 For extreme condition, we previously designed iron net as an additional protective gear outside the polycarbonate cluster lens. Feel free to ask us which Chinese manufacture can satisfy these safety requirements.

Most of solar light manufacturer design their own model and assemble the cast, the battery, the LED, and the solar panels. Each component being purchase from different factories. It’s therefor important to verify and test the quality of the assembled lights by a third-party quality control company once assembled.

Greenwire propose you a thorough Solar Light Pre-Shipment Inspection to ensure the products are conform and in accordance with the specified standards.