Greenwire offers you a wide range of battery type.


Greenwire offers you a wide range of battery type. Browse our catalogue of different Lithium battery, Gel battery, OPzV and OPzS battery. We propose the storage that will suit your project.

Greenwire proposes you a 360° service

Thanks to our team that is available to advise you for your project, design the layout, ship the goods and help you for the aftersales service, we make your sourcing as efficient as possible. Greenwire’s team will assist you during the whole process.

Lithium Battery

Lithium battery is a storage solution made from packing of Lithium cells. Lithium battery are lightweight, have a large energy storage per volume and quick charging time, these batteries are widely used for power backups and solar storage.

LifePO4 lithium is an implosion risk free Lithium compared to other types such as Lithium Ion. Lithium Lifepo4 has a longer lifespan that can last over 10 years in normal use conditions.

This type of battery also works in harsh temperature environments, from -10 to 75°C, along with a large energy density ratio and eco-friendly certification.

The advantages of Lithium batteries are numerous:

Thanks to our engineers, Greenwire can offer you a variety of lithium batteries which will find the solution that fits your project and complete a design to achieve your goal.

Did you know?

Lithium battery packs are not compatible with any type of solar inverter due to the BMS. So, in addition of your solar inverter’s battery brand, Greenwire could propose to you an alternative lithium battery pack that is often better price tagged.

GEL / AGM Battery

GEL and AGM batteries are both standard VRLA batteries that include a valve to let the pressure go when needed. Although their working characteristics are the same, they possess differences that are important to note.

GEL / AGM Battery

As the name implies, the electrolyte is not under liquid but gel form, thanks to the adding of silica. The hermetical characteristic provided by the valve and the gel offer a risk-free use for the consumer as the electrolytes can’t leak in the event of breakage. Compared to a battery containing only acid, GEL batteries have a longer floating design of up to 15 years, and can deal with a wider temperature spread, from -20°C to +45°C. Gel Batteries are designed for a deep discharge cycle.

The internal resistance of this type of battery is relatively high and therefore they do support high charge and discharge rates. Consequently, Gel batteries are recharged relatively slowly.

GEL batteries are at full potential when the solar power generated during the day is used at night as the slowly discharge.

The advantages of Gel batteries are various:

However, GEL batteries cannot handle high current charge/discharge, therefore they are best suited for deep discharge.

In case of use for quick and strong discharge at relatively high frequency we recommend you the AGM batteries.

AGM Battery

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are a type of battery that has fiberglass separators in which the acid is absorbed and contained. The AGM material is necessary for batteries in a permanent charge situation (such as truck starter batteries, generator starting batteries). AGM is a technology that also grant resistance to overloads. This type of battery supports high discharge in a short time making it the best choice for vehicle and generator usage. 

On the other hand, AGM batteries are not favored for deep cycles (charge and discharge) situation.  Their lifespan, excellent performance and security make these batteries a high-end solution as starting devices.

OPzS & OPzV battery

OPz batteries are high-end stationary batteries designed for applications that require frequent deep cycling. A relatively recent German technology, OPz batteries adopt a tubular design that differentiates them from the standard flat batteries and offer up to 20% more capacity for the same weight. While the application of OPzV and OPzS batteries are the same, they adopt a different design.