1MW – AE Solar – Vietnam

1MW – AE Solar – Vietnam

Sourcing + Pre-shipment Partial Inspection report
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1MW - AE Solar - Vietnam

In October 2020 GreenWire made a Partial Pre-shipment Inspection (PPI) of AE Solar panels for a volume of 1MW, of the reference AE450HM6L-72. 

Panels are used in Dong Nai province in Vietnam on storage warehousefor Tapioca.

GreenWire inspection in one of AE Solar factory for half cells products include a review of 100% of the EL test and flash test, a review of 12% of the panels tested again on site, and a selected review of the mechanical data with a visual inspection. This allow to avoid any defect when the panels are received on site. 

Manufacturer: AE Solar
GreenWire Service:Sourcing + Pre-shipment Partial Inspection report 
Location:  Dong Nai – Vietnam

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