Customized vandal proof solar streetlight

Customized vandal proof solar streetlight

Looking for a safe and secured solar streetlight solution? We have the key recipe for you.

Located in the South-Pacific, New Caledonia is subjected to natural and human issues: typhoon and vandalism are one of the many.Our client was aiming for an installation that was filling these constraints while being resilient in time.

The project of 180 solar lights is designed to be installed in a nickel mine access road.

The streetlights are composed of lithium LifePO4 battery, which allows a 5 to 8 years lifetime. The charging time is very efficient as at full sunshine, it only takes 6 to 8 hours. The MPPT controller has a 90% to 96% conversion efficiency. The LED power is 80W which allows your streetlight to deliver enough light during all day.

With an IP66, the streetlights are fully protected against dust and salty wind, ideal for island weather. The 9 meters tapered pole are hot galvanized and high pressure coated for a better resistance trough time. Solar panel has a PID coating and are warranty 25 years in efficiency.

With Greenwire engineers, we have succeeded to fulfill the challenge of vandalism that may happen. A tailored solution has been offered for this project, protecting against vandalism and typhoons thanks to innovative protection such as :

• Climbing repellent pole: anti-climbing spike with a height of 50 cm is applied to each pole to allow more control and protect the hardware material against potential thief

• Solar panel protection: an inox plate was welded at the back of the solar panel allowing protection and heat dissipation.

• LED protection: an inox net around the cluster lens to protect the sensitive LED part and to assure a great protection in case of natural catastrophes or vandalism, in addition of the polycarbonate cluster lens.

Controlled from distance thanks to a Bluetooth application, the phone app is secured and safe thanks to a unique password that grants access to it, allowing the installer to change the lighting mode of the light.

The batch has been through a triple inspection of Greenwire consisting of sample inspection, mass production PSI and loading inspection that allows our client to have a tailormade solar light with all the warranty of conform goods.

Thanks to our team of qualified engineers and partners, we have made this project possible, and we are pleased to present it to you.

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